15 Things That MUST be on Your Package to Get into Retailers

  Don’t be that inventor! The one that pours in blood, sweat, tears, sleep,hours, thousands and then fills their garage with 10,000 packages of a product retailers won’t take because it doesn’t meet their requirements! Here are the 16 Questions your Package MUST answer! 1. What brand is this made By? (Brand Equity, Logo Recognition) {Read More…}

SALES TIP!: Where Should You be Selling your Product or Service?

All sales channels are not created equal. Each have different risks, rewards, time and dollar commitments. In our first Tuesday Chooseday LIVE (ekk) video I share the 7 sales channels every entrepreneur should be aware of. With my Mom hat on too (because thats what I do) I evaluate them for the money commitment, time {Read More…}

How to Give to Get More Sales

  Sales do not happen by luck. No matter what type of product or service you have. You must entice your customers with something sweet, simple and free to remember you “buy.” IDEAS HERE: www.alibaba.com or www.orientaltrading.com You can make your own stickers with your logos and buy things in small amounts to suit ANY {Read More…}

5 Things Merry Moms in Business Do Well!

Having worked with over 300 Mom entrepreneurs now, I see over and over what works and what doesn’t in leading their business dreams into reality. Especially this time of year, I am always sad for some and impressed by others. I wanted to share a few simple things I see the successful ones doing. By successful, I {Read More…}

10 Questions to Get your Husband Excited About Your New Business

A lot of entrepreneurs are divorced. Or end up divorced. Or are not in happy, healthy marriages. I’m sure I could spend an hour googling a specific source to site this but if your reading this, you likely already know I speak truth and can agree to accept my 5 years of coaching entrepreneurs as {Read More…}

The Top 5 Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Me

Great Gobs of COGS!  I hit 15 years of being an Entrepreneur, and 4 years of consulting this week! I have helped 300 Entrepreneurs and done lots of interviews and speaking schmutz and stuff and yet….. I had strangely never been asked that question. I was visiting with a cool human I know recently who asked me {Read More…}

What to do if your Mothers Day gift made you lock yourself in the bathroom.

It’s that time of year when our sweet offspring are bringing home endearing gifts of gratitude for being their Mama.  About 7 years ago, when my daughter was in preschool she came home with this sassy pink treat for me for Mothers Day. All About My Mom.  Awe.  “How wonderful she thought about me.” I’m gushing. I {Read More…}

For Mothers Who Want to Love Mothering More

I posted this 7 years ago and waited. Still neglecting the 3YO covered in trans fat in the middle of my dusty kitchen floor. I waited and watched the screen. I watched her, the screen, her and waited. Pausing in the shame of how long I left my toddler unsupervised so I could trade today’s {Read More…}

Maybe It’s You – Not Your Idea

  This is not meant to bring tears.  Hopefully, some awareness and awakening. I have had more than one client over $250K in debt and NO where near making the money she hoped to be. I have others who have invested less than $25K and are profitable after just a few months in business. WHATS THE {Read More…}